Automotive supplier industry in Central Eastern and Southeastern Europe


Driven by low taxes and labor costs, a highly competitive automotive industry has developed in Central Eastern and Southeastern Europe, which is part of the production networks of European automotive manufacturers. This has long since included not only component production, but increasingly production of automobiles by European original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), together with research and product development activities. In view of the transformation processes of the automotive industry towards electromobility, the question arises whether this development will continue.

In this project, the development of the automotive industry in Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe is examined against the background of technological, industrial policy and labor market changes. The focus is on the development of production plants and their capabilities regarding technology, product range, innovation and others. The project also explores the processes of relocation of production and other functions from Germany to Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe, the development of working and employment conditions as well as the representation of employees' interests. The study focuses on Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Serbia and combines the evaluation of statistical sources with qualitative analyses.