Season's Greetings 2021

Szene Filmdreh WZB Innenhof
David Ausserhofer

Energy-wise 2021 demanded a lot of us all, but it also called on our creativity. Even though we were repeatedly forced to withdraw, we did stay in touch with each other at the WZB. We researched, published, discussed and gladly shared our work with others. We neither lost our sense of humour nor our determination, in spite of the pandemic. And so we head into a new year with a smile.

We would like to thank the Sasha Waltz Company for providing the choreography team.

We would like to thank the Friends of the WZB für their generous support of this production.


Vladimir Bondarenko
Felix Kampeter

Maria Marta Colusi
Aladino Rivera Blanca
Lorena Justribó Manion<

WZB staff members

Harald Wilkoszewski
Claudia Roth

Production assistance
Michelle Boden

Nina Hagen - Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen

Staff Sergeant Guido Rennert, Music Corps of the German Armed Forces Siegburg
Staff Music Corps of the German Armed Forces Berlin
Conductor: Lieutenant Colonel Reinhard Kiauka
(Live-Recording of the Great Taps for former German Chancellor Dr. Merkel, Source: The Federal Government)

Jutta Allmendinger