Political Parties in Movements


The project studies the manifold interactions between electoral and protest dynamics. To what extent, under what conditions, and with what consequences do political parties interact with social movements and protest politics? These are the key research questions from the first project funded by the Lichtenberg Professorship in Political Sociology, Social Movements, and Conflict. The project bridges research on party competition and social movement studies and introduces a quantitative and large-N perspective in a field characterized by case studies. The project has successfully collected three large-scale datasets to understand party-movement interactions better. First, it examines parties’ presence in the protest arena based on a protest event dataset for 30 European democracies from 2000 to 2015. Second, changes in branding and organizational features are studies based on an original dataset of (changes in) party names, combined with recent expert survey data on party organizations. Finally, the project examines parties’ programmatic responses to protest based on their manifestos and parliamentary activity.

Project Management
October 2018 - June 2021
Cooperation partners
Freie Universität Berlin