The Struggle Over Borders

How should we respond to immigration? Should we promote free trade? How far should we pursue international integration? A new book edited by current and former WZB researchers and published by Cambridge University Press offers the latest analysis of how economic, cultural, and political globalization has transformed democratic politics.

Globalization has unleashed a torrent of questions and deepened political fault lines, creating rifts between elites and mass publics and space for the rise of populism. Amid debates about open and closed visions of society, The Struggle over Borders: Cosmopolitanism and Communitarianism lends a fresh perspective on hotly contested issues of current political debates over globalization and the future of politics.

The authors analyze public and elite opinion, party politics, and mass-media conversations on climate change, human rights, migration, regional integration, and trade. They turn their gaze on institutional conflicts within the European Union and the United Nations, as well as examining national debates in the USA, Germany, Poland, Turkey, and Mexico.

At a time when many are trying to take stock of tectonic shifts in global political discourse, this book comprehensively maps the current realignment of politics in relation to globalization, linking empirical analysis to key insights from political theories on cosmopolitanism and communitarianism.