Anna Skarpelis, Ph.D.

Anna Skarpelis Porträt
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Anna Skarpelis has been an Assistant professor at the City University of New York (CUNY), Queens College, USA, since September 2023. As a cultural and comparative-historical sociologist, she employs qualitative and computational methods in her research on topics such as race, social classification, violence, and artificial intelligence.

Prior to her appointment at CUNY, Anna worked as a digitalization postdoctoral fellow in the Migration, Integration, Transnationalization department at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, where she worked on a book about the pre-histories of facial recognition and explored virtual reality as a methodology and epistemology for conducting social and behavioral experiments on racial perception.

Her work on epistemology and classification has been published in the American Journal of Sociology and Qualitative Sociology. Her current teaching and research interests focus on topics such as computer vision, simulation, and human nature.