Dr. Susanne Veit

Portrait Foto Dr. Susanne Veit (Foto: David Ausserhofer)
Foto: David Ausserhofer


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Research fields

Social Psychology | Migration, Integration, and Intercultural Conflicts | Ethno-cultural Diversity | Intergroup Contact | Trust and Cooperation | Discrimination on the Labor Market | Right-Winged Populism and Xenophobia | (Field) Experiments


since 2017 Head of the WZB Bridging Project  "Against Others, Against Elites" (together with Heiko Giebler) since 2016 Head of Thematic Area "Migration and Good Work" in Doctoral program "Good Work" Doctoral Students: Ester Kroll, Franziska Kößler

since 2015 Post-doctoral researcher at the WZB Research unit 'Migration, Integration, Transnationalization'

2009 2014 Pre-doctoral researcher at the WZB Research unit 'Migration, Integration, Transnationalization'

2008  Pre-doctoral researcher at the FU Berlin Department of School Education and School Development Research

2007 – 2008 Research assistant at the University of Potsdam Psychological-psychotherapeutic Institute




2014     Doctor of Psychology  (FU Berlin, "summa cum laude")

Dissertation thesis: "Ethnic Diversity and Cooperation: Causality, Linking Mechanisms, and Contexts" Supervisors: Bettina Hannover (FU Berlin) & Ruud Koopmans (WZB, HU Berlin)

2007      Diploma in Psychology (University of Potsdam, "with distinction")

Diploma thesis: "Dual identity - Way out or wrong track? A comparison of models on the example of the ethnic group of Bosniaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina " Supervisor: Babara Krahé (University of Potsdam)

Study of Psychology at Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and University of Potsdam

Selected Publications


Lancee, B., Soiné, H., Fernández-Reino, M., & Veit, S. (2017). Cultural distance and ethnic discrimination in hiring behaviour.
Results from a cross-national field experiment. GEMM Project Report, Online available: Download PDF

Ditlmann, R., Koopmans; R., Michalowski, I., Rink, A. & Veit, S. (2016). Verfolgung vor Armut:Ausschlaggebend für die Offenheit der Deutschen ist der Fluchtgrund. WZB-Mitteilungen,151, S. 24-27.

Veit, S. (2015). "Thinking about Ethnic Diversity. Experimental Evidence on the Causal Role of Ethnic Diversity in German Neighborhoods and Schools". In R. Koopmans, B. Lancee, & M. Schaeffer (Eds.). Immigration and Social Cohesion in Europe and North America. Mechanisms, Conditions and Causality (p.167-186).London/New York: Routledge.

Veit, S. (2015). Ethnic diversity and cooperation: Causality, Linking Mechanisms, and Contexts. Dissertation: FU Berlin [Microfiche].

Koopmans, R. & Veit, S. (2014). Cooperation in Ethnically Diverse Neighborhoods. A Lost-letter Experiment. Political Psychology,35(3), p.379–400.

Koopmans, R. & Veit, S. (2014). Ethnic Diversity, Trust, and the Mediating Role of Positive and Negative Interethnic Contact. A Priming Experiment. Social Science Research, 47, p.91-107.

Veit, S. (2012). Fremdeln in der Vielfalt. In ethnisch bunten Gesellschaften nimmt das Vertrauen ab. WZB-Mitteilungen, 135, p.9-12. (reprints: Schattenblick, online; Xing - Ein Kulturmagazin, H. 22/2012, S. 33-37; und WZB Reports, No. 1/Winter 2012/13, p.6-8)

Koopmans, R.; Dunkel, A.; Schaeffer, M. & Veit, S. (2011). Ethnische Diversität, soziales Vertrauen und Zivilengagement. Projektbericht - Im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend. WZB Discussion Paper, SP IV2011–703.

Schaeffer, M.; Koopmans, R.; Veit, S.; Wagner, M. & Wiedner, J. (2011). The Ethnic Diversity and Collective Action Survey (EDCAS). Technical Report. WZB Discussion Paper, SP IV 2011-701. Berlin: WZB.

Blüthmann, I.; Lepa, S.; Veit, S. & Thiel, F. (2008): Ergebnisse der Befragung der Studierenden in den Bachelorstudiengängen an der Freien Universität Berlin - Sommersemester 2008. Berlin: Free University of Berlin
Results (pdf Datei)



DIR - Against Elites, Against Outsiders: Sources of Democracy Critique, Immigration Critique, and Right-Wing Populism
WZB Bridging Project between MIT (Prof. Dr. Ruud Koopmans) & DD (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Merkel)
Head: Dr. Heiko Giebler, Dr. Susanne Veit
Staff: Bejamin Schürmann, Magdalena Hirsch
Duration: 2017-2020
Funding: WZB

Doctoral Program „Good Work“:  Approaches to Shaping Tomorrow’s World of Work
Head: Jutta Allmendinger, Martin Ehlert, Lena Hipp, Martin Krzywdzinski, Susanne Veit, Sigurt Vitolis
Duration: 2016  -2019
Funding: Hans Böckler Foundation

Staff: Ruta Yemane
Duration: 2015 - 2018
Funding: Horizon 2020 of the European Commission
Duration: 2015 -
Funding: WZB
Duration: 2015 -
Funding: WZB
Duration: 2008 - 2012
Funding: Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend
Duration: 2010 - 2014
Funding: WZB
Conference and workshop presentations


05.11.2017 “Immigrant group size and ethnic discrimination in hiring: Experimental evidence from a large-scale correspondence test in Germany” (SPS SGP SSP conference, Lausanne, Switzerland)

08.07.2017   “What Makes Claire the Better Candidate Than Onika? A Correspondence Test on Labor Market Discrimination” (EASP, Granada, Spain)

22.03.2017: "Ethnic Discrimination on the German Labor Market?
Empirical Evidence from a Large-scale Field Experiment" (Conference "Savoir Vivre! New Challenges for Work and Family Life in Germany and France", Berlin, Germany)

26.11.2016: "On ethnic hierarchies, racial and religious discrimination: A large-scale correspondence test on labor market discrimination" (Conference: Integrating Immigrants and Refugees in the European Workplace: Challenges, Threats, and Solutions, Regensburg, Germany)

22.09.2016: "Pro-refugee Attitudes: An experiment on conditional solidarity, economic threat and symbolic threat" (50th DGP Conference / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie, Leipzig, Germany)

16.07.2016: “Equally qualified - but differently treated? Regional variation in the discrimination of immigrant job applicants” (ISPP, Warschau, Polen)

11.07.2016: “Companions in misfortune or competitors: Fears of economic hardship and attitudes towards refugees” (6th Annual Tajfel Seminar, Universität Warschau, Polen)

08.07.2016: “Parent Involvement in Multiethnic Schools” (Conference on Cultural Diversity, Migration, and Education, Universität Potsdam)

13.04.2016: „Ethnische Diskriminierung auf dem Arbeitsmarkt“ (Meeting „Das anonymisierte Bewerbungsverfahren“, Berlin Academy of Administration of the Berlin Senate), together with Ruta Yemane

02.11.2015: "Das Experiment der verlorenen Briefe: Solidarität in Neukölln" (Fokus Neukölln - "Wissenschaft kontrovers" in cooperation by Science in Dialog, WZB, Bürgerstiftung Neukölln and Neukoellner.net).

06.10.2015: "Begegnungsprojekte: Potenzial und Grenzen der Kontakthypothese". (Presentation and Comment at the symposium "Wie integriert sich die Mehrheitsgesellschaft? Neue Perspektiven für ein Zusammenleben in Vielfalt", Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Anne Frank Center and Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin).

07.09.2015: "Viele Grüße vom Finder, lag auf der Straße".
(Blitzdings-presentation at the annual meeting of the Social Psychological Section  of the German Psychological Society, University of Potsdam).

12.09.2014: "Über die ethischen Herausforderungen in der experimentellen Feldforschung – ein Praxisbericht"
(Conference on "Forschungsethik in der qualitativen und quantitativen Sozialforschung", LMU München).

28.08.2014: "Experiments on the causality in the relationship between ethnic diversity and cooperation"
(11th IMISCOE Annual Conference "Immigration, Social Cohesion and Social Innovation", Madrid, Spain).

05.07.2014: "Ethnic Diversity and Collective Action: An Experiment on Parental Coordination in Ethnically Diverse Schools."
(37th Conference of the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP), Rome, Italy).

06.07.2014: "Ethnic Labor Market Discrimination: Racial Appearance, Cultural Distance, and Regional Variation."
(37th Conference of the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP), Rome, Italy).

08.07.2013: "NOT ALL NEIGHBOURS ARE FRIENDS: Diversity, Interethnic Contact & Social Trust among Natives and Immigrants." (36th Conference of the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP), Herzliya, Israel).

24.05.2013: "Thinking about Ethnic Diversity. Survey Experiments on the Causal Role of the Perception of Ethnic Diversity on Perceived Cooperativeness."
(International Conference on "Ethnic Diversity and Social Capital. Mechanisms, Conditions and Causality." WZB, Berlin)

02.12.2012: Helping Strangers: A Lost Letter Experiment on Cooperation in Ethnically Diverse Neighborhoods
(SPSSI-EASP Small Group Conference on Proactive Behavior Across Group Boundaries, Port Jefferson, New York, USA)

13.07.2011: "National difference in reactions to cultural diversity: An experiment on residents' trust in neighbours"
(16th General Meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology (EASP), Stockholm, Sweden)

11.07.2011: "How does school-level ethnic diversity affect social cohesion and engagement among parents in elementary schools?" (34th Conference of the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP), Istanbul, Turkey)

17.06.2011: "Lost Letters - A Field Experiment on the Interplay between Neighbourhoods Ethnic Diversity, Senders Ethnic or Religious Affiliation and Residents Cooperation"
(24th Annual Conference of the Peace Psychology Association, Marburg, Germany)

Susanne Veit, 07.09.2010: “Cooperation in the Shadow of Ethnic Diversity and Otherness“
(IAREP/SABE/ICABEEP 2010 Conference, Cologne; Germany)

13.07.2010: "Effects of ethnic diversity on trust in neighbours – evidence from a large-scale survey experiment" (XVII World Congress of Sociology, Gothenburg, Sweden)

16.06.2010: "Dual identity – way out or wrong track? A comparison of two theoretical models on the basis of Bosniaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina"
(23rd Annual Conference of the German Peace Psychology Association, Bielefeld, Germany)

15.04.2010: “Priming of Ethnic Diversity and Trust in Neighbors. Does Intergroup Contact Moderate Priming Effects?”
(Inaugural CResPP Conference on Tearing Down the Walls. Rethinking the Political in Political Psychology, Queens University Belfast; Northern Ireland)


Portrait Foto Dr. Susanne Veit (Foto: David Ausserhofer)
Foto: David Ausserhofer


+49 30 25491 452
susanne.veit [at] wzb.eu
Reichpietschufer 50
D-10785 Berlin
B 404