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Family and the Welfare State in Europe

Intergenerational Relations in Ageing Societies
Agnes Blome, Wolfgang Keck, Jens Alber
Cheltenham, UK/Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar
ISBN 978-1-84844-479-9
341 pages, £ 79.95
The population is ageing, and family constellations are changing. These processes jeopardize the sustainable provision of public welfare benefits, leading some authors to infer that there are growing distributional conflicts between generations. This study focuses on the questions of how the state and the family shape the living conditions of generations and how this interaction affects the socio-political attitudes of age groups in four countries - Germany, France, Italy, and Sweden. In particular, the authors inquire into the income in old age, care for dependent elderly, financial support for families with children, and care for infants. The country comparison shows how differently intergenerational relations can be organized and which strategies are proving viable in the light of demographic ageing. The key finding is that intergenerational bonds of solidarity remain robust, meaning predictions of a potential conflict between the generations are vastly exaggerated.

Zeit auf der hohen Kante

Langzeitkonten in der betrieblichen Praxis und Lebensgestaltung von Beschäftigten Forschung aus der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung, Bd. 98
Eckart Hildebrandt, Philip Wotschack, Almut Kirschbaum (unter Mitarbeit von Svenja Pfahl und Franziska Scheier)
Berlin: edition sigma
ISBN 978-3-8360-8698-1
257 pages, € 19,90
Overtime and certain components of remuneration can be credited in long-term working-time accounts and then drawn down at a later point. The basic idea is to save up time for use in a later phase of working life. For the company, long-term working-time accounts make for flexibility; for the employee, they offer the opportunity to improve the distribution of occupational and nonoccupational demands across the course of life. However, the range of ways for companies to implement this instrument is extraordinarily broad, as is the range of possibilities for employees to use it. In that context the objectives of flexible labor management, the desires of the employees, the legal framework, and the rights of all participants in an industrial democracy constitute a complex and sometimes contentious arena that calls for careful analysis. This volume tackles the task. Drawing on representative data from companies, detailed industrial case studies, and quantitative and qualitative surveys of employees, the authors comprehensively present and evaluate the practices and obstacles involved in using long-term working-time accounts.

Spenden in Deutschland

Analysen - Konzepte - Perspektiven Philantropie, Bd. 1
Eckhard Priller, Jana Sommerfeld (Hg.)
Münster: LIT Verlag
ISBN 978-3-8258-1763-3
254 pages, € 29,90
Are the Germans really the "world champion donors" they are sometimes said to be, or do they tend to be reserved about this form of giving? Solid data for a precise answer is scarce, but various surveys and studies do hint that Germans are willing to give donations. This kind of information is of great interest to organizations of civil society, decision-makers, policy-makers, and the research community. Voluntary transfers of money, goods, and services in the public interest say something about a society's behaviours, values, and overall condition. The contributions in this volume afford an overview of the available behavioural data on donations in Germany. The authors analyze findings of the German Federal Statistical Office, results of surveys, and information collected by different institutions. They also ask what basis exist for continual reporting on donations and what methodological structure it would require in order to provide the public with sound scientific information. Creating and expanding such a resource would help increase the transparency of voluntary giving.

GeisteswissenschaftlerInnen: kompetent, kreativ, motiviert - und dennoch chancenlos?

Ergebnisse des Expertisenwettbewerbs "Arts and Figures - GeisteswissenschaftlerInnen im Beruf", Bd. 2
Heike Solga, Denis Huschka, Patricia Eilsberger, Gert G. Wagner (Hg.)
Opladen/Farmington Hills: Budrich UniPress
ISBN 978-3-940755-13-1
DOI 10.3224/94075513
144 pages, printing on demand € 39,90
The professional prospects of liberal arts scholars are less clear cut and subject to greater fluctuation on the labor market than those of university graduates in other disciplines. What is sought are all-around academics, or "generalists", whose backgrounds must flexibly meet the needs of future employers. Building on a volume published earlier, this book presents additional contributions by young liberal arts scholars who describe their experience with orienting themselves professionally and finding their way. The texts stem from a competition held in 2007 by the "Council for Social and Economic Data" as part of the "Year of the Humanities" to highlight new ideas and options for professional activity for young academics in this field. Given the frequently observed discrepancies between acquired and actually desired qualifications, the authors of these essays ask which abilities and skills improve the outlook for liberal arts scholars who are just beginning their careers? In times of growing uncertainty on the labor market, is it still possible to forecast job requirements at all? How great a role does university training play in successfully launching one's career? What new fields can one explore and develop?

Soziale Ungleichheit

Klassische Texte zur Sozialstrukturanalyse
Heike Solga, Justin Powell, Peter A. Berger (Hg.)
Frankfurt a.M./New York: Campus
ISBN 978-3-593-38847-2
492 pages, € 24,90
This reader for university students and lecturers contains important theoretical contributions to the analysis of social structure and arranges them by discipline. The starting point is the question of what social inequality is taken to mean and what explanations there are for its origins. The introductory review of research by the editors presents the key basic concepts. The subsequent documentation contains texts on the classical theories of social inequality, including ones by Kingsley Davis and Wilbert E. Moore, Karl Marx, Max Weber, and Pierre Bourdieu. Essays by Ralf Dahrendorf, Helmut Schelsky, and Ulrich Beck - grouped under the overarching question of "Are We Still Living in a Class Society?" - follow up by tracing the continuing discussion of class and strata. These authors also relate social inequality to issues of race, gender, and globalization. Other parts of the volume contain more recent contributions on social milieus and life styles (Stefan Hradil, Michael Vester, and others) as well as dynamic approaches dealing with the life course (Karl-Ulrich Mayer, Walter Müller, and Helga Krüger).

Household Governance and Time Allocation

Four Studies on the Combination of Work and Care
Philip Wotschack
Amsterdam: Thela Thesis
ISBN 978-90-361-0139-4
152 pages, € 24,50
Modern societies increasingly compel couples to reconcile the time commitments of two jobs or careers and to juggle them with the multivarious responsibilities of running a household and raising a family. Different desires and competing goals that shape the response of the partners lead to new problems with cooperation and coordination. Drawing on the theoretical concept of "household governance", the author systematically analyzes data from the Dutch Time Competition Survey to identify ways in which couples try to cope with these complications by turning to institutionalized arrangements in the home, including outsourcing strategies, informal agreements, quality standards, and approaches to conflict management. The study shows that couples are highly creative in developing appropriate solutions but that they are still often unable to combine occupational and family obligations as they would like. Heavy professional demands and financial restrictions are not the only factors to blame. In particular, deciding on the scale of one's participation in the labor market confronts couples with a fundamental trade-off: Opting for fewer working hours in order to improve compatibility entails unforseeable employment risks for the individual.

Strategy and Dynamics in Contest

London School of Economics Perspectives in Economic Analysis
Kai A. Konrad
Oxford/New York: Oxford University Press
ISBN 978-0-19-954960-3 (Hardback)
ISBN 978-0-19-954959-7 (Paperback)
256 pages, $ 99.00 (Hardback)/
This book describes the theory structure underlying contests, in which players expend effort and/or spend money in trying to get ahead of one another. Uniquely, this effort is sunk and cannot be recovered, regardless of whether a player wins or loses in the competition. Such interactions include diverse phenomena such as marketing and advertising by firms, litigation, relative reward schemes in firms, political competition, patent races, sports, military combat, war and civil war. These have been studied in the field of contest theory both within these specific contexts and at a higher level of abstraction. The purpose of this book is to describe the fundamental common properties of these types of interactions and to uncover some common properties or laws that govern them. The book begins by describing the properties of static contests and tournaments. Aspects such as timing, entry, sabotage and delegation are added and contest design issues such as the admission or exclusion of players and the structure of prizes are discussed. Further, structures are analysed in which players interact repeatedly in the same or different contest environments. Examples are inter-group conflict followed by intra-group rivalry, elimination tournaments and other dynamic contest structures.

Einnahmen- und Steuerpolitik in Europa: Herausforderungen und Chancen

Kai A. Konrad, Tim Lohse (Hg.)
Frankfurt a.M. u.a.: Peter Lang
ISBN 978-3-631-59256-4
171 pages, € 34,00
Revenue and tax policies in Europe are about to change profoundly. Two issues dominate the agenda. First, the European Commission is obliged by the European Parliament and the European Council to examine all aspects of the EU budget in detail. The question is whether fundamentally new budget structures would be purposeful and, if so, whether changes in them would in fact have a hope of receiving the mandatory unanimous approval of the EU member states. The creation of an EU tax would be a revenue variant that could replace the current complex system that gives the EU its own budget resources. Second, increased competition for tax revenues in the EU since its eastward expansion is compelling the member states to modify their tax systems. With the widespread decline in corporate tax rates, proposals for a jointly consolidated basis for assessment of corporate taxes are now under debate. How advantageous would such consolidation be? What would be the prospects of achieving it? The contributors to this conference volume discuss the economic and legal facets of these issues.

Hybridization of MNE Subsidiaries

The Automotive Sector in India
Florian A. A. Becker-Ritterspach
Houndmills/Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN 978-0-230-20669-4
302 pages, $ 90.00
Multinational corporations that set up a place of business outside their home country are confronted by the question of the degree to which they can seamlessly transfer their production, organization, and business models to the host country or must adapt to the local and national conditions there. The challenges become all the greater if there are cultural boundaries to overcome. This volume is a study of the internationalization strategies adopted by multinational automotive manufacturers in India. The author shows that the corporations follow quite different policies in this regard. How the home country's organizational and personnel concepts are combined with those of the host country depends heavily on a number of considerations. For example, what market segment does the firm serve? Does the firm use an international production system? What is the nature of that system? How does the firm plan to enter the market (by taking one over or rather by creating a new one)? What regulatory interests does the relevant government pursue? Internationalized and locally shaped practices are closely interwoven, with the latter dominating personnel management and labor relations and with supranationally standardized approaches tending to be applied to production technology and planning.

Innovationsnetzwerke und Clusterpolitik in europäischen Automobilregionen

Impulse für Beschäftigung Soziologie - Forschung und Wissenschaft, Bd. 31
Antje Blöcker, Ulrich Jürgens, Heinz-Rudolf Meißner
Berlin u.a.: LIT Verlag
ISBN 978-3-643-10409-0
269 pages, € 29,90