Dr. Benjamin Faude

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David Ausserhofer


Reichpietschufer 50
D-10785 Berlin

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David Ausserhofer
Former Staff Member of the Research Unit

Research fields

Institutional Interaction and Institutional Complexes | Legalization of World Politics | Theories of International Relations | Regional Integration in Europe and beyond


Substitute Junior Professor for International and European Politics, University of Bamberg

Doctoral degree at the University of Bamberg; Dissertation: 'Die Herausbildung inter-institutioneller Ordnungsstrukturen internationalen Regierens. Wie aus Konkurrenz Arbeitsteilung entsteht' (summa cum laude)

since 10/2011
Research Fellow at the Research Unit ‘Global Governance’, WZB Berlin Social Science Center

Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for European Studies (IES), Vrije Universiteit Brussels

Visiting Scholar at the Institute of European Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Member of the Graduate Training Group ‘Markets and Social Systems in Europe’ at the University of Bamberg (funded by the German Research Foundation, DFG)

since 04/2008
Instructor at the Chair for International Relations, University of Bamberg

Graduate Research Assistant, Chair for International Relations, University of Bamberg

Diploma in Political Science (M.A. equivalent), (Minors: Public Law, European Community Law)

Selected Publications

Faude, Benjamin (2018): "How the Fragmentation of the International Judiciary Affects the Performance of International Judicial Bodies". In: Theresa Squatrito/Oran R. Young/Andreas Follesdal/Geir Ulfstein (Eds.): The Performance of International Courts and Tribunals. Studies on International Courts and Tribunals. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, S. 234-260.
Faude, Benjamin/Gehring, Thomas (2017): "Regime Complexes as Governance Systems". In: Wayne Sandholtz/Christopher A. Whytock (Eds.): Research Handbook on the Politics of International Law. Research Handbooks in International Law Series. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, S. 176-203.
Faude, Benjamin (2015): Von Konkurrenz zu Arbeitsteilung. Komplexität und Dynamik im Zusammenspiel internationaler Institutionen. Staatlichkeit im Wandel, Bd. 25. Frankfurt a.M./New York, NY: Campus, 197 S. (Dissertation)
Faude, Benjamin (2015): "Zur Dynamik inter-organisationaler Beziehungen. Wie aus Konkurrenz Arbeitsteilung entsteht". In: Politische Vierteljahresschrift, Sonderheft 49 "Internationale Organisationen. Autonomie, Politisierung, interorganisationale Beziehungen und Wandel", herausgegeben von Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt/Martin Koch/Andrea Liese. Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, S. 294-321.
Gehring, Thomas/Faude, Benjamin (2014): "A Theory of Emerging Order within Institutional Complexes. How Competition among Regulatory International Institutions Leads to Institutional Adaptation and Division of Labor". In: The Review of International Organizations, Vol. 9, No. 4, S. 471-498. (Vorab online publiziert 15. Juni 2014)
Zürn, Michael/Faude, Benjamin (2013): "On Fragmentation, Differentiation, and Coordination". In: Global Environmental Politics, Vol. 13, No. 3, S. 119-130.
Gehring, Thomas/Faude, Benjamin (2013): "The Dynamics of Regime Complexes. Microfoundations and Systemic Effects". In: Global Governance - A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations, Vol. 19, No. 1, Special Focus "Regime Complexity", S. 119-130.

Faude, Benjamin (2011): 'Paradoxe Verrechtlichtung. Wie Streitschlichtungsmechanismen interagieren,' Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen, 18:1, pp. 77-108.

Krapohl, Sebastian/ Faude, Benjamin/ Dinkel, Julia (2010): 'Judicial Integration in the Americas? A Comparison of Dispute Settlement in NAFTA and MERCOSUR,' Finn Laursen (ed.): Comparative Regional Integration. Europe and beyond. Abingdon: Ashgate, pp. 169-192.

Duration: 2015–2019
Funding: Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
Duration: ongoing since 2013
Funding: WZB
Duration: ongoing since 2011
Funding: Forschungs- und Wissenschaftsstiftung Hamburg / Cassirer-Stiftung
Duration: ongoing since 2014
Funding: WZB
Teaching Profile

Lecture 'Einführung in die internationale und europäische Politik' (WS 2016/2017, University of Bamberg).

MA Seminar 'Institutional Complexity in Global Governance: From Gridlock to Interinstitutional Order?" (WS 2016/2017, University of Bamberg).

BA Consolidation Seminar 'Rising Powers und internationale Institutionen: Stabilität, Umsturz oder Wandel?' (WS 2016/2017, University of Bamberg).

Proseminar 'International Law and International Politics. The Causes and Consequences of Legalization' (SS 2015, Free University of Berlin).

MA Seminar 'International Law and International Politics. The Causes and Consequences of Legalization' (WS 2014, Charles University in Prague)

BA Advanced Seminar 'Think Inside the Complex! Regimekomplexe als neue Analyseeinheit der Internationalen Beziehungen' (SS 2014, Free University of Berlin)

MA Seminar 'Think Inside the Complex! Regimekomplexe als neue Analyseeinheit der Internationalen Beziehungen' (SS 2013, University of Bamberg)

BA Seminar 'International Institutions' (WS 2009/2010, SS 2010, University of Bamberg)

BA Seminar 'European Integration' (SS 2008, WS 2008/2009, University of Bamberg)

Summer Course for students of Senior High School 'World Trade Organization' (WTO) (August 2009, German Pupis Academy / Deutsche SchülerAkademie)