Transformation of third sector organizations and their influence on labor and employment relationships


The project runs for two years (2011 – 2013) and is funded by the Hans Böckler Foundation. It is based on the changes that occur in the context of a neoliberal societal orientation, in particular, and on changed statehood in civil society organizations. Hence, we are investigating whether civil society organizations are offering more services – in competition with other providers – and whether their function as service providers is fulfilled at the expense of their civic function.
Structural changes in work and employment relationships in the third sector can also be observed. The proportion of part-time jobs, temporary jobs, low-paid jobs, and subsidized jobs (e.g. the "one euro jobs", a measure introduced in Germany to combat long-term unemployment) is increasing and the consequences of these developments and demands are still unknown.
Based on interviews with individuals and organizations, we aim to answer questions such as: What are the effects of the commercialization trends? Why and how are employment and industrial relations in the third sector changing? To what extent do these changes affect the quality of services? How does the affected workforce assess the changes?

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