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Changing Societies - New Frameworks for Societal Policies and Decision Making

Bild: Martina Sander-Blank
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Labor and Labor Market
01.02.2016 - 31.07.2018
Fondation maison des sciences de l'homme (FMSH)

All important information as well as interesting impressions of our work can be found in our new blog:


The Franco-German Research Program of the Humanities and Social Sciences aims at fostering the interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration between French and German researchers.

The main focus of the collaboration lies on the joint, interdisciplinary and critical assessment of key social changes. Various aspects of these transformation processes will be investigated and new criteria for their evaluation developed. The guiding research questions are:

1. What are central ecological, economic, and societal changes of our times?

2. How can we adequately describe, measure, and compare these changes between countries and over time?

"Changing Societies" takes into account both qualitative and quantitative research methods in a wide range of areas such as business, (work) life and migration. Researchers from various academic fields such as history, sociology, economics, political science, law, philosophy, mathematics, statistics, anthropology, literature etc. will work within the seven areas of interest:

1. The Changing World of Work, Care and Family Life

2. Transformation of Economic Elites and Discourses

3. New Evaluative Frameworks in Politics, Health and Education

4. The Challenge of Migration and Integration

5. New Perspectives on the Social-Ecological Crisis

6. Evaluating Crises and Conflicts in Modern Democracy

7. Diagnoses of Contemporary Societies and Social Change


"Changing Societies" regularly organizes conferences and workshops on various social challenges. An overview of previous events and the respective conference reports can be found on our blog. The participants are invited to Paris to join the upcoming workshop "Changing Societies: Migration, Integration, Participation", which will take place in autumn 2017. The program can be found here. A report will be published in November.

Furthermore, the program promotes visiting research fellowships in France and Germany for researchers from both countries for a period from one to six months. Please find the current call in German and French. There will be continously new calls for application.