Regional Manifestos Project


The Regional Manifestos Project is a Spanish project funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and co-ordinated by Sonia Alonso (WZB) and Braulio Gómez (University of Deusto). We elaborate a dataset based on the content analysis of the electoral programs written for sub-national elections in Spain and UK (to be extended to other European countries in the future). We build on the existing Comparative Manifestos Project, hosted at the WZB and maintained by Andrea Volkens, but we have elaborated a new classification scheme adapted to multi-level states.

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Selected Publications

Volkens, Andrea/Alonso, Sonia/Gómez, Braulio (2009): Content Analysing Multi-level Authority and Cultural Identity Claims. A Complement to the Comparative Manifestos Project (CMP) Exemplified for Spanish Regional Manifestos. WZB Discussion Paper SP IV 2009-202. Berlin: WZB. (überarbeitet August 2010)
Alonso, Sonia/Volkens, Andrea/Gómez, Braulio (2012): Análisis de contenido de textos políticos. Un enfoque cuantitativo. Cuadernos metodológicos. Madrid: Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas, 160. (Content-Analyzing Political Texts. A Quantitative Approach, in spanischer Sprache)
Alonso, Sonia/Volkens, Andrea/Cabeza, Laura/Gómez, Braulio (2012): The Content Analysis of Manifestos in Multilevel Settings. Exemplified for Spanish Regional Manifestos. WZB Discussion Paper SP IV 2012-201. Berlin: WZB. (Erweiterte Neuausgabe des 2010 veröffentlichten WZB Discussion Papers SP IV 2009-202)
Alonso, Sonia/Gómez Fortes, Braulio (2011): "Partidos nacionales en elecciones regionales. ¿Coherencia territorial o programas a la carta?". In: Revista de Estudios Políticos, No. 152, S. 183-209.

Alonso, S. (2012). “Devolution: A Credibility-Enhancing Strategy”, Estudios-Working Papers. Madrid: Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Ciencias Sociales, Instituto Juan March de Estudios e Investigaciones.


Alonso, S.; Gómez, B. & Cabeza, L (forthcoming 2013). “El Laberinto Autonómico”, Francisco Pallarès (ed.) Las elecciones Autonómicas 2008-2001. Madrid: CIS.

Under evaluation

Alonso, S.; Gómez, B. & Cabeza, L. “Measuring Centre-Periphery Preferences: The Regional Manifestos Project", re-submitted to Regional & Federal Studies.

Seminar presentations and conferences

"Peripheral Parties in Spain and UK: Disentangling the “Nationalist” Issue Package", PSA Specialist Group Territorial Politics Biennal Conference. Brussels, 13-14 September 2012.

“Measuring Centre-Periphery Preferences: The Regional Manifestos Project”, Annual Meeting of the European Political Science Association. Berlin, 21-23 June 2012.

“Political Devolution: the Never-Ending Story?”, Internacional Conference The Ways of Federalism and the Horizons of Spanish State of Autonomies. Universidad del País Vasco. Bilbao, 19-21 October 2011.

"The Regional Manifestos Project”, University of Edinburgh, 17 May 2011.

“National Parties in Regional Elections: the case of Spain”, Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales. Madrid, 22 March 2011.