Nr. 163: in touch (English edition)

Research and Society
Oktober 2019
Jutta Allmendinger


Sascha Kneip and Bernhard Weßels

No democracy without active democrats

Jeanette Hofmann

Digitalized democracy

Interview with Wolfgang Merkel and Edgar Grande

“Elites and civil society must build bridges”

Jutta Allmendinger and Jan Wetzel

The measurement of the future

Florian Butollo

Keep on top!

What is going to matter in the future?

Jonas Radl

Towards meritocracy: What can science fiction teach us?

Steffen Huck

Humans and machines

A strong network

Macartan Humphreys

Just trust me

Interview with Heike Solga and Dorothea Kübler

“Leave the niche”

Kick-off for the WZB jubilee year

Lena Hipp

In search of “That’s what happens ...”

By Johanna Hase and Ashley Mantha-Hollands

Toward a global compact on citizenship?

Ruud Koopmans

Islam and democracy: a difficult relationship

Marc Helbling and Daniel Meierrieks

The planet in motion: climate and migration

Social research meets design

Jianghong Li

… But without good health “all else is for naught”

Interview with Jutta Allmendinger, Jürgen Kocka,
Friedhelm Neidhardt and Meinolf Dierkes

Paths toward change at the WZB

Anette Eva Fasang

The young, the old and new policy

The WZB at 50 – a brief chronicle

Grzegorz Lechowski and Martin Krzywdzinski

Industrial structures in transition

Ronja Kniep and Julia Pohle

The internet, politically

Science 4.0 – a comic

Martina Franzen

When knowledge becomes a commodity

Andreas Knie and Weert Canzler

We are gridlocked

Interview with Marcel Helbig and Bernd Hunger

“There’s no justice in a housing market that is too tight”

Michael Zürn

Respectful difference

The WZB: data, figures, facts

Katharina Sperber

Digging for gold on the Reichpietschufer

Gabriele Kammerer

Excellence has many parents

Dirk Reimann

Blossoms and bombs: speculations about a roof garden

Ursula Noack

The WZB is growing

Highlights in the WZB anniversary year 2019

Gabriele Kammerer

Lost and found