Dienstag, 12. Juni 2018

Emerging Technologies and the Future of Citizenship - Keynote Speech

The last century has been characterized by fierce debates on national citizenship regimes—whether the rules to gain or lose the status of citizenship are just, whether the status of citizenship should be central in securing human rights, and whether the possession of citizenship requires a confirmation of identity. Existing regimes were evolved in a different era—when human mobility, legal structure, and technological development were all of a different character.

The workshop "Emerging Technologies and the Future of Citizenship" brings together a team of leading scholars with the goal of producing a volume on the challenges and opportunities that emerging technologies pose to existing theories and practices of citizenship. The objective is to support front-line research in this nascent field and establish a community of interdisciplinary researchers interested in a new approach to think of citizenship regimes. How can and how should new technologies remodel citizenship, bring about new forms of governance, and redefine state sovereignty and the nation-state system?