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Democracy and Crisis

Nothing has been mulled over by the media quite as often as the so-called crisis of democracy. The potential causes of this crisis form the subject of heated debate: Does this stem from a lack of participation by citizens, the absence of trust in the political elite, or does the real root of the problem lie with political institutions themselves? The contributors to this book, edited by Wolfgang Merkel and Sascha Kneip, nearly all hail from the Democracy and Democratization research unit at the WZB. They draw on the concept of embedded democracy to comprehensively review key issues of democracy and crisis. The authors touch on subjects such as capitalism and democracy, trace changes in voting behavior, and illustrate the role of constitutional courts in times of crisis. They analyze the role of globalization and deregulation and demonstrate why challenges to democracy have morphed into phenomena of crisis. Wolfgang Merkel concludes that what is at play is not an existential crisis, but an erosion of democracy.

Wolfgang Merkel/Sascha Kneip (Eds.): Democracy and Crisis. Challenges in Turbulent Times. Basel: Springer International Publishing 2018.