Benjamin Rosche

Benjamin Rosche
Benjamin Rosche


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Ehemaliger Gastwissenschaftler der Forschungsgruppe


Benjamin Rosche is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology at Cornell University who leverages and develops quantitative methods to explore social phenomena through conceptually precise and methodologically rigorous empirical research. Ben's dissertation research examines cross-racial and cross-SES friendship dynamics and their consequences on the long-term success of disadvantaged youth and is funded by the National Science Foundation. His review on causal network analysis, co-authored with Weihua An and Roberson Beauville, is published in the Annual Review of Sociology. Next to his research on networks, he has developed a causal variance decomposition approach to study treatment effects on within- and between-group inequality, and a multilevel approach to study micro-to-macro relationships (i.e., how the effects of lower-level units propagate to a higher level). Ben is working for the OECD International Programme for Action on Climate (IPAC) as a technical consultant.