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Discussion Papers

Schwerpunkt Bereichsübergreifende Forschung

Center for Global Constitutionalism

SP IV 2017–802 (PDF-Version)
Matej Avbelj
What Future for the European Union?
26 S.
SP IV 2017–801 (PDF-Version)
Yoon Jin Shin
Contextualized Cosmopolitanism: Human Rights Practice in South Korea
34 S.
SP IV 2016–801 (PDF-Version)
Matej Avbelj
The Concept and Conceptions of Transnational and Global Law
59 S.
SP IV 2015–809 (PDF-Version)
Daniel Augenstein
To Whom It May Concern: International Human Rights Law and Global Public Goods
23 S.
SP IV 2015–808 (PDF-Version)
Poul F. Kjaer
The Function of Justification in Transnational Governance
22 S.
SP IV 2015–807 (PDF-Version)
Sivan Shlomo-Agon
Noncompliance, Renegotiation, and Justice in International Adjudication: A WTO-EU Perspective
32 S.
SP IV 2015–806 (PDF-Version)
Lyn K.L. Tjon Soei Len
The Moral Limits of EU Internal Market Exchange: Equal Respect and Capabilities
16 S.
SP IV 2015–805 (PDF-Version)
Ester Herlin-Karnell
Justice and Justification in Europe’s “Area of Freedom, Security and Justice”
19 S.
SP IV 2015–804 (PDF-Version)
Sionaidh Douglas-Scott
Human Rights as a Basis for Justice in the European Union
23 S.
SP IV 2015–803 (PDF-Version)
Ben Crum
From Public Reason to Multi-Layered Justice
15 S.
SP IV 2015–802 (PDF-Version)
Jan Pieter Beetz, Enzo Rossi
EU Legitimacy in a Realist Key
18 S.
SP IV 2015–801 (PDF-Version)
Ester Herlin Karnell, Poul F. Kjaer
Dimensions of Justice & Justification in EU and Transnational Contexts
6 S.
SP IV 2014–801 (PDF-Version)
Ester Herlin-Karnell
Europe’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice Through the Prism of Constitutionalism: Why the EU Needs a Grammar of Justice to Improve Its Legitimacy
20 S.
SP IV 2013–801 (PDF-Version)
Mattias Kumm
What Kind of a Constitutional Crisis Is Europe In and What Should Be Done About It?
21 S.
SP IV 2012–802 (PDF-Version)
Georg Nolte, Helmut Philipp Aust
European Exceptionalism?
32 S.
SP IV 2012–801 (PDF-Version)
János Kis
State Neutrality
25 S.
SP IV 2011-803 (PDF-Version)
Alexander Somek
Europe: Political, Not Cosmopolitan
36 S.
SP IV 2011-802 (PDF-Version)
David Dyzenhaus
Constitutionalism in an Old Key: Legality and Constituent Power
32 S.
SP IV 2011-801 (PDF-Version)
Arolda Elbasani, Beken Saatcioglu
Islamic Actors' Support for Democracy and European Integration: A Case for Power-Seeking?
23 S.