1. - 2. Februar 2018

Manifesto Corpus Conference

The Manifesto Corpus is the digital text collection of over 2,000 electoral programmes from 40 countries in more than 30 languages. The Manifesto Project, which has been located at the WZB for decades and funded by the DFG since 2009, processes this data and makes it available to the scientific community. The conference brings together a number of scholars using the text corpus in various disciplines (e.g. political science, economics, computer science). The conference papers deal not only with new computer-assisted methods of text analysis, but also with content-related issues from the fields of political parties, populism and campaigns. In her keynote lecture, Margaret E. Roberts (University of California, San Diego) asks to what extent the use of computer-aided text analysis methods can make it possible, even if difficult, to identify causal relationships. At the conference, the best contribution will receive the inaugural Manifesto Corpus Award, which is endowed with 1,000 euros.