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Freitag, 23. Juni 2023

The Rule of Law under Threat

Workshop on liberal constitutionalism and its protection

WZB Global Constitutionalism is partnering with Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and Princeton University to host the workshop “The Rule of Law Under Threat.” The workshop is part of the research project called “Constitutions Under Stress” led by Anna-Bettina Kaiser, Jan-Werner Müller, and Silvia von Steinsdorff.
The workshop aims to explore how liberal constitutionalism can be protected and what is the role of the European Union in ensuring its protection. Furthermore, the workshop participants discuss the various forms of the rule of law crises and the possible ways out.



Arrival and Welcome



Panel 1: Protecting liberal constitutionalism and the rule of law

Chair:  Mattias Kumm

Philipp Dann


Temporality and Liberal Constitutionalism

Wolfram Pyta


Militant democracy : Historical reflexions on its founding father and its political implementations 19371972

Vera Schürmann


Extremists in the public service






Panel 2: Rule of Law and the European Union

Chair: Silvia von Steinsdorff

Kim Lane Scheppele


EU's new conditionality regime

Susanne Schmidt


Rule of law crisis in Europe (digital presentation)






Panel 3a: Varieties of rule of law crisies I

Chair:  Jan-Werner Müller

Kriszta Kovács


Women against the authoritarian regime

Gábor Attila Tóth


Torture of asylum seekers as a ‘fundamental right’. A case for two

Gulcin Balamir Coskun

Ertug Tombus,


The Rule of Law and Lawyers in Authoritarian Regimes: the Case of Turkey






Panel 3b: Varieties of rule of law crises II

Chair: Anna-Bettina Kaiser

Anuj Bhuwania


Can the Indian Constitution save Indias democracy?

Aeyal Gross


The constitutional coup in Israel