19. - 20. Oktober 2018

Workshop “Social Contact Metaketa”

This workshop focuses on the upcoming Horizon 2020 call, “Addressing the challenge of migrant integration through ICT-enabled solutions.” Potential partners from European institutions and a select set of US-based experts in the fields of intergroup contact and migrant integration will gather to address this challenging call.  The workshops H2020 proposal will focus on a social contact metaketa – a multi-site coordinated study with common interventions and measures to help identify important conditions under which contact theory's predictions hold in real-world settings of migrant-native relations. The purpose of the workshop is to sharpen our theoretical focus, dive deeply into crucial research design choices for a project of this size and scope, come to an agreement about collaboration with partners, and begin the grant-writing process.

Organizers: Ruth Ditlmann, Alexandra Scacco

Please note: This is a closed event and we are unable to register additional participants. Thank you for your understanding.