10. - 11. Juni 2021

Workshop "Working with Spatial Data in R"

Instructor: Markus Konrad (WZB)

The virtual workshop will focus on geo-spatial vector data handling and computation with R. We will start with geo data visualization and spatial projections. We will then continue with spatial and geometric operations, i.e. spatial subsetting and joining, topological relations (e.g. which points lie in which areas?), centroids, distances, buffers, etc. I will also give some pointers on data sources and APIs for geo data, and a short overview on the numerous file formats used in this field. If time permits, we may also have a look at rasterization, spatial interpolation, or interactive maps.

Methods will be explained with live coding examples. There will be several hands-on exercises which can be done solo or in small groups via breakout rooms and I will try to give assistance. Participants should have solid experience with R and especially the packages dplyr and ggplot2, since I will present a modern approach that integrates with the "tidyverse philosophy." I will hand out a short preparation tutorial about a week before the workshop so that everyone can be well prepared.

The workshop takes place on June 10-11,10 AM – 2:30 PM (including a 30 minutes break).