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V. Boese-Schlosser
V. Boese-Schlosser


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Vanessa A. Boese-Schlosser is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow the “Transformations of Democracy” Unit at WZB Berlin Social Science Center, and a research associate of the Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) Institute at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Her research focuses on the measurement of political institutions, on democratic resilience, on processes of regime transformation (democratization and autocratization) and on how these processes interact with conflict, or socio-economic outcomes.

The findings from her research are published in journals such as The Review of Economics and Statistics, the British Journal of Political Science, International Studies Quarterly, Political Science Research and Methods, Democratization, and the Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy.

You find more information on Dr. Boese-Schlosser on her personal website: https://vanessaboese.weebly.com/


democracy | democratization | autocratization | democratic resilience

Ausgewählte Publikationen


Just accepted:  Boese-Schlosser, V. A. & Eberhardt, M.  Democracy Doesn't Always Happen Over Night: Regime Change In Stages And Economic Growth. Forthcoming in the Review of Economics and Statistics. Replication Data


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  • Boese, V. A., Gates, S., Knutsen, C. H., Nygård, H. M., & Strand, H. (2022). Patterns of Democracy over Space and Time. International Studies Quarterly, 66(3) 1-19. DOI: doi.org/10.1093/isq/sqac041   "Patterns of Democracy" Project Website (inkl. replication materials)

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  • Boese, V. A. (2019). How (not) to measure democracy. International Area Studies Review, 22(2), 95–127. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1177/2233865918815571Erratum: Figure 1 of the printed manuscript includes errors in the high-level democracy indices. This erratum contains a corrected version of the figure.

  • Boese V. A. & Kamin, K. (2019).'Tis but thy name that is my enemy: on the construction of macro panel data in peace economics. Economics of Peace and Security Journal, 14(1), 5-26. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15355/epsj.14.1.5


  • Boese, V. A. (2015). Viva la Revolucion, or: Do Revolutions Lead to More Democracy? Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy, 21(4), 541-551. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/peps-2015-0027



What Is Democracy (To You)?

Vanessa Boese-Schlosser is leading the unit's projects exploring diverse understandings of democracy. What “democracy” means often differs drastically between people, between political scientists, and between both of these groups. We believe that these diverse understandings represent a crucial, yet previously overlooked, factor in explaining whether individuals harbor concerns about the future of German democracy and, if so, the specific nature of those concerns.
Within these projects, we develop a typology of democracy understandings among German voters and demonstrate how these differing perspectives impact individuals' levels of concern for German democracy. Our results underscore the varied democracy understandings among German voters, shedding light on the reasons behind disparate concerns.

Co-Authors: Nikolina Klatt, Janice Ngiam, Daniel Ziblatt


A short overview of preliminary results (in German) is published here:

Boese-Schlosser, Vanessa A./Ellger, Fabio/Klatt, Nikolina/Ngiam, Janice/Ziblatt, Daniel (2024): "Als Begriff umstritten, als Modell umkämpft. was Menschen in Deutschland unter 'Demokratie' verstehen". In: WZB-Mitteilungen, H. 1=Nr. 183, S. 20-24.