Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2018

Global Health, a Different Conception: The Cuban Strategy

Lecture by Enrique Beldarraín Chaple, Center of Medical Sciences in Havana

The Cuban model of international medical collaboration began in 1963, with a Cuban medical team in Algeria. Since then, the Cuban global health program has changed: Today, it focuses specifically on the main diseases present in the communities, the development of a prevention strategy, and on primary health care. The sustainability of the program is guaranteed by continuing presence of groups of Cuban trained health professionals revolving every two years. Furthermore, Cuba educates doctors at the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana for these programs. Enrique Beldarraín Chaple builds his historical analysis of the Cuban model of health cooperation on an extensive study of Cuban governmental files, medical records and interviews with key figures of the Cuban public health system.

Enrique Beldarraín Chaple is the Chief of the Research Department at the National Information Center of Medical Sciences in Havana. 

This event is part of the joint lecture series Global Health and the Politics of Knowledge. It is organized by the WZB Junior Research Groups “Global Humanitarian Medicine” and “Governance for Global Health”.

The event will be held in English with no translation into German.